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At Maison Chardon we do our best to please you!

Maison Chardon's luxurious pieces are handmade to order with love!

It takes 3-8 weeks for your order to be made.

If you require an order sooner, please contact us by email for a priority order at , we will answer you in the 24h.


Each piece has its UNIQUE TOUCH! To make it special we customise it with your initials. Please precise your Initials at the Check out. 


MADE-TO-MEASURE IN PARIS, let us guide you through the process, ensuring every detail is tailored to perfection.
We will welcome you for 2 to 3 appointments, with lovely tea!


During the first appointment, we take great pleasure in meeting you and capturing your measurements with the expertise of our in-house seamstress. Your unique body shape and dimensions are meticulously recorded, setting the foundation for your personalized made to measure design. 


 The second appointment is dedicated to the "toile" fitting. 

The "toile" is a minimal prototype crafted from a similar fabric, designed to ensure a harmonious fit with your body. We meticulously examine every angle, ensuring that the contours seamlessly complement your physique. 

In case any adjustments are required, an additional fitting can be scheduled.


Finally, the last appointment, a moment of revelation,

unveils your final completed piece with us Or if you wish we can directly ship it to you.





Unable to attend all Paris appointments or visit at all?


Follow our international process:

Step 1: Obtain precise body measurements from your trusted tailor or skilled seamstress—an art of true precision.

Step 2: If possible Join us in Paris for the unique toile fitting.

Alternatively, we can arrange a visit to you! contact us at

(additional fees may apply based on location).

Step 3: Delight in the final design delivered straight to your doorstep.

Experience the luxury of personalized creations, tailored to perfection, regardless of your location.


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You can't find your Size?
Still in doubt about the right size?
We are happy to help! Simply contact us via

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