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ALLURE sleeves

ALLURE sleeves


These elegant sleeves are made of black vinyl and two fringed pearl rows, a favourite of Maison Chardon.

The right ALLURE sleeve is adorned with a gold cannetille chardon embroidery that grows along your arm like a vine.

The left ALLURE sleeve completes the poetry with what can be a gold droplet of sap.

The ALLURE sleeves transform any outfit into a chic and refined look.

The sleeves make a fantastic set with our EXQUISE panty. 

The ALLURE sleeves are 37 cm long.

Maison Chardon's luxurious pieces are handmade and made to order with love! It takes 1-8 week for your order to be made.

​If you require an order sooner, please contact us by email for a priority order at, we will answer you in the 24h.


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