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we are creating Luxurious couture designs

with a sophisticated fetish touch,

Made in France.

 An empowering transformational fashion to awaken your senses.

Our luxurious pieces envelop you in a sweet constrictive sensation to hold you tight, tease you with pearls and allow your deepest power to blossom.

Wearing Maison Chardon become a selfpleasure journey to be shared or not!

Prepare yourself for the new adventure of Maison Chardon!



Maison Chardon was born of the need of something different from what could be defined as fetish...something luxurious, delicate and powerful at the same time.

 Madame's body couldn't fill a bra. Neither she was recognizing herself in the traditional lingerie set. She will not let stereotypical format define her.

She wanted more! So she had to make them!

  Maison Chardon first appeared on smoky Burlesque and Fetish Stages.

Since its creation in 2016, in Seoul (South Korea), and after parkouring the world

Tokyo (Japan), Toronto( Canada),

 Maison Chardon is now Based in Madame's fabulous native country:

the beautiful and fashionably pretentious France, 

where this new story begins. 


Who doesn't like a good sophisticated deviant tale!


Madame, who is such a perfectionist, couldn't sacrifice her manicure anymore, knowing that France's prestigious craftsmanship was at her fingertips.

She needed to find the finest artisans,

who worked for the most luxurious Haute Couture houses,

all to please you with perfection!


So here it is... Just wait a little more Dear, 
it is going to be unveiled soon.


Love and Spanks


Maison Chardon.