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The COURTOISIE skirt is an iconic piece from the POSSESSION collection.

It has a 1920's feel and seduces through its velvet sculpted pattern representing irises, carnations, roses and snakes.

“The double corset effect”, a Maison Chardon Signature, has a golden two way zipper in the middle, which ornates the back of the skirt and sublimates the silhouette in a subtle play of hide and seek.

Sensual and playful, the COURTOISIE skirt comes with an abundance of fringes and tassels that will transport you in a wonderland of pearls, where audacity and chic become one.

Maison Chardon's luxurious pieces are handmade and made to order with love! It takes 1-8 week for your order to be made.

​If you require an order sooner, please contact us by email for a priority order at, we will answer you in the 24h.


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