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Pendrillons Top

Pendrillons Top


The PENDRILLONS top is your own captivating personal theatre, where its exquisite curtains of fringes, tassels, and graceful scarf collar tease and reveal with elegance.


 Immerse yourself in the poetic allure of the sheer crepe fabric, as it delicately unveils your figure.

 Golden studs shimmer like a celestial constellation, while the gentle rustle of the fringes adds a mesmerizing sound that will enchant the room.


 The cape-like sleeves drape gracefully, adorned with a baroque gold quintile embroidered "garden" bow and embellished with crystal beads for a perfect blend of drama and comfort.

 The versatile high scarf collar is attached by a gold plated chain, can be styled as a charming bow, elegantly wrapped around the neck, draped from one shoulder to another, or released gracefully at the back...

...a decision only the Diva herself can make!


The PENDRILLONS top is a must-have of the collection!

Maison Chardon's luxurious pieces are handmade and made to order with love! It takes 3-8 weeks for your order to be made.

​If you require an order sooner, please contact us by email for a priority order at, we will answer you in the 24h.


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