The precious HYPNOSE top is inspired by Marie Antoinette's theatre curtains.

The irises, snakes and carnations velvet sculpted pattern of the Hypnose top takes us to an enchanted apothecary garden.

The elegant cut and the fringes of pearls carry you into a playful sensorial experience. 

The Claudine collar is adorned with a crystal jewel like a cascade of wisteria.

With the old pink satin lining sprinkled with black velvet hearts, this iconic piece from Maison Chardon joins elegance with intimacy.

Maison Chardon's luxurious pieces are handmade and made to order with love! It takes 1-8 week for your order to be made.

​If you require an order sooner, please contact us by email for a priority order at maisonchardon@gmail.com, we will answer you in the 24h.